Gain a competitive edge by attending the Business Builder Summit. Discover the proven Path to Prosperity, carved for you by the industry’s most accomplished advisors. Elevate your expertise by learning from those who climbed the ranks before you.  These top advisors will share their stories of success, including the EXACT systems they put in place to grow their practices to where they are today, and the specific processes they’re executing in their businesses right now that are earning them the most revenue!  Register now to attend the Business Builder Summit! 

May 29-30  |  Atlanta

October 9-10  |  Dallas


Scott Moore

On pace for $32M+ in 2014

Founder & President, Moore’s Wealth Management in Gainesville, Georgia

From Captive, to Independent To Multi-Million Dollar Producer: Learn how to build a thriving financial advising practice from the ground up (and one you can sell too!)

Scott knew how to be an advisor, but didn’t know the most effective way to run a business.  He left captivity for independence and rather than trying to figure it out for himself, he found a coach.  From the ground up Scott plugged into a system for generating leads, closing new business, opening an office, hiring staff, branding himself in his community, gathering more assets and continually growing his firm. Now, Scott owns and operates two successful offices and earns more than a million dollars in income each year! Scott will expose the exact path he followed to get to where he is today, and the succession plan he intends to put into place when he’s ready to sell too.


Don Cloud

On pace for $30M in 2014

Founder & President, Cloud Financial, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama

Multiply Your Success: Learn how to double your production every year for the next four years – I did it, you can too!

Don was new to the industry in 2008.  He had a passion, but didn’t have a plan.  Then, Don discovered a system that was working for other advisors, and he followed it too.  He reached $2.5 million in production his first year, $5 million in his second year, an impressive $10 million in his third year, and just four short years later, reached an astounding $20 million in annuity production! Don realizes this may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.  He did it, and will tell you exactly what system he put into place so you can too!

Watch the video for all the details…

If you’re ready to get to the top and conquer your next level of success, then make plans to attend the next Business Builder Summit.

Topics on the agenda include:

  • The 3-Mentors difference…our advisors share what is working because they care about the success of others in the group.
  • See our Social Security and Income Planning workshop conducted LIVE, along with three other workshops our financial professional are using to keep their pipeline full.
  • Proven strategies to find qualified clients from your current book of business.
  • Increase your client’s probability of retirement success through our discovery and recommendation process.
  • We share the steps to turning your “good” income into a multi-million dollar business.
  • The $40 Million Mindset… understand the steps to go from $2 to $5 to $10 to $20 to $40 million in assets under management with 3-Mentors.

Other presenters:


Gary Reed

Founder & President, Reed Financial Group in Atlanta, Georgia

Educate your way to a multi-million dollar practice: How to become the DOMINANT trusted advisor in your community

Create a mountain of opportunity by integrating Social Security planning programs, college courses, radio shows and more into your practice. Discover how to hold unique client appreciation events, including client & guest golf tournaments, senior proms, and much, much more. Gary will show you a simple and duplicable turn key process to make sure you never run out of quality leads again.


David Gaylor

Founder, Tradewinds Financial Group, Inc. in Sidney, Ohio

The Proven Path to Prosperity: A step-by-step approach for conquering the next level of success

David has spent his career perfecting the system that led to him becoming a $15M+ annual producer.  This “Proven Path to Prosperity” helped him to…

  • Reach $250,000 in income in 18 months
  • Reach $750,000 in income in just 36 months
  • Earn a 7-figure income and grow his advisory practice to where it is today

He’ll show you how he reached each level of success, and how you can too.


Rodney Harris

Founder, Wealth Management of the Carolinas in Concord, North Carolina

Marketing Strategies for the 21st Century: How to generate new business and create more opportunity with today’s retiring boomers (HINT: It’s not holding dinner seminars)

Rodney is an expert in “mining for gold,” both in gathering new client assets as well as generating additional revenue from the clients he already has.  He’ll share his secrets for gathering more than $150 Million in assets under management!  One strategy in particular: how to turn client reviews into a six-figure income-producing activity with one simple additional step!

If you’re ready to get to the top and conquer your next level of success, then make plans to attend the one-day Business Builder Summit.  Let us teach you how to dominate your market!


Get to the top by learning from someone who’s already there.

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    About the event:

    The Business Builder Summit is an training event developed for advisors by advisors and features five advisor-presenters who are currently top producers! These advisor-presenters are “paying it forward” by coaching other dedicated financial professionals who want to learn the information necessary to grow and establish their own thriving practice. Each of these advisor-presenters were coached earlier in their careers, and each credit that coaching and mentoring as a reason for their success. Information disclosed at the event can help an agent/advisor conquer their own “next level” of success, no matter what “success” looks like to them. The systems used are highly duplicatable and work effectively in different markets across the country. Attendees will leave with actual business building strategies they can implement in their practice the day they return.

    About 3-Mentors:

    3-Mentors was built for advisors by advisors, founded and actively led by three active top producing advisors. This unique peer-based organization coaches, collaborates and shares successful and proven business building strategies with its exclusive nationwide network of affiliated financial professionals. Agent/Advisors within the group have plugged into and perfected the “Path to Prosperity” step-by-step approach to conquering each level of business success. The system is credited for helping them reach the production milestones of $2M, $5M, $7M, $10M, $15M, $20M and even $40M per year! Affiliated members are committed to mentoring each other on best business practices and effective marketing strategies that are working in their practices today. To learn if you qualify to join this network of top financial professionals call 888-604-3636. For more information visit

    *Not all will qualify. NY production not included. Registered representative participation subject to Broker/Dealer approval. Call 3-Mentors for qualification details at (888) 604-3636.
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